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Sybil, Victor and Bond

Lacey (Halifax Lavish Look) was our first Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie). The Arangold kennel and subsequent Arangolds kennel name became involved with Shelties due to a promise to a child. The child was promised from a very young age that she could own a dog and choose the breed when she turned ten years old. I (Rebecca) choose a sheltie for many reasons. With my family's success in Golden Retrievers, I decided that I wanted a different breed so I could forge my own way and indulge my independence . There were the other benefits as well, a sheltie still leaves some room on the bed for you, they are highly active, very intelligent, very compatible with Golden Retrievers and the perfect 'friend' for a young girl.

The Arangolds kennel came about due to NZKC regulations at the time which allowed only two people to own a kennel name. Thus my late uncle, John Hean, and myself owned and bred under the Arangolds kennel name. Today, all are interchangeable, Shelties and Goldens are owned and bred, shown and campaigned under both kennel names, and the term Arangold, as the original, incorporates both.

Shelties, although a newer and smaller section of 'Arangold' have none the less made a significant impact. Many Arangold Shelties and those owned and campaigned at Arangold have become show champions. Further to these, Arangold Shelties have proven their intelligence by gaining, CD, CDX and ADX titles, as well as winning well in obedience competitions and working as herding dogs. But most importantly, the Shelties we have bred have enriched many lives with their unwavering loyalty, loving disposition and intelligent company.



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