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CH Arangolds Belladonna
Sire: AUST.CH Lawnwoods Love A Lot (IMP-UK)TO AUST. 
Dam: CH Arangold Flight O Fancy
Whelped: 27/01/92
Hips 1:3 Elbows 0:0 Clear heart Clear eyes


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AUST.CH Lawnwoods Love A Lot (IMP-UK)TO AUST.     


ENG.CH Lorinford Lancelot (UK)

 ENG.SH.CH Nortonwood Checkmate (UK)
Lorinford Playgirl (UK)
Lawnwoods Naughty Nancy (UK) ENG.SH.CH Westley Munro Of Nortonwood (UK)
Lawnwoods Careless Rapture (UK)


CH Arangold Flight O Fancy

GR.CH Charterhall Gaelic Gold Pinecrest Trooper (IMP-UK)
Charterhall Enigma
Arangold Mystic Madonna CH Anton Of Rustledene
CH Nutmeg Of Arangold QC

~ Bella ~ Ch Arangolds Belladonna ~ 27-1-92 to 1-9-05 ~ Bella, my ?troublesome old tart? with her youthful escaping antics, retrieving conquests and stubborn streak. On the first day of spring, she moved out of this physical world and over to rainbow bridge to play with our loved ones. My Bella, bells, or hells bells, as she was often called, was my first golden. I remember the day I picked her, John and Mum had picked theirs, and I actually got to make the call for which girl I wanted to keep. Bentley, Brig and Bella all grew up to be exceptional dogs, all gaining their Championship titles and multiple in show awards. But Bella was my exceptional girl. She was always a character, she could fly her ears out the side of her head, in what we called her flying nun look (from the old habits) whenever she was being mischievous or naughty, which was often! When it came to shows, she loved them, even at the SGRC shows last month she had a word or two to say about the ducks that she couldn?t quite get out of the cage to get to. It is so hard to say goodbye to our loved ones, even more so for those ones that have entrenched themselves so far into your heart. Bella was there to help me through many hard and difficult times in my life. The nudging of her cold wet nose from the side of the bed and the thud, thud of her tail against it have been a wonderful way to wake up in the morning for many years, (she would wait until she had been outside, rolled and got wet and dirty before jumping round on the bed, normally accompanied by a stolen soft toy!). Bella was, and forever will be, my beloved companion. But there is much more to her and the legacy she has left behind. Bella made me proudest when her progeny did well, and they have done extremely well. Only last month at the SGRC champ shows I looked down the bitch cc line-ups to see two of her daughters, three granddaughters (one for RBB), and of course Bella herself. She has left a very strong and positive influence on the golden breed in NZ, for which I am very proud. Thinking of just speciality shows, under speciality judges, her children have taken three BIS, her grandchild one and herself one, with of course countless other In Show awards both speciality and All Breeds. She has produced multiple champions and numerous rat-bags. She is survived in my home alone by a number of wonderful children and grandchildren, with more on the way, to continue her legacy. She was taken too quickly from me, but there is never time enough with our loved ones (good old Kipling -The power of the dog- ?why do we give our hearts for a dog to tear??). She has had her ups and downs, and lumps and bumps, over the last year, making her exhibition in the Aug shows extra special to me, and her daughter?s BIS even more so. She has been spoilt rotten even more than normal and was staying the 3wks between my Christchurch trips to rule the pack back home (she was always top bitch, below me and mum of course :). We suspect a pancreatic tumour created physiological stress inducing bloat. MumÂs gut instinct to go home and check on her gave her a fighting chance (or perhaps it was Daly keeping an eye out for his wife!). Mum and our vet Neville fought hard for 5hours bringing her through the worst of it, but the shock and the toxins eventually took their toll and her life. Bella will be forever missed in my life and the life of my family, both my parents and my husband, as this is the first dog he has come to love and lost. However, she will live on through her children. Through the soft toy stealing, fence jumping, stubbornness, flying nun ears and exuberant personalities, I see my Bella. My she rest in peace within the good company at rainbow bridge until the day I come to see her again. Rebecca Some Of Bella's Success Highlights: § Over 80 challenge certificates, of these: § Two were The Nationals CC's, One was a Northern Classic CC § Three were specialist CC's under: Val Foss, G Doyle and M Holm Hansen. § Bella also got reserve CC at a specialist show when she had only just gone into Junior under Henric Frykstrand (In Auckland) when her Grandfather (Sean) went BIS. § She also took a Speciality BIS and 3 Reserve All Breeds BISs along with multiple All Breeds and Speciality In Show and Group awards Some Highlights from her children and grandchildren: § Eve (Ch Arangolds Christmas Belle) has gone Intermediate Gundog at Nationals, BIS under Ruth Thompson and BIS under Audrey Richardson. § Einstein (Ch Arangold Primo Classico) BIS at SGRC under Mr Crosbie. BIS Southern Gundog. § Vesta (Ch Arangolds Prima-Vesta) has taken specialist CCs under Mrs Holmes and Ann Woodcock and BOB at the Nationals § Atlanta (Ch Arangolds Primabella) Reserve Bitch CC (to Vesta) under Mrs Holmes (UK) § Bridie (Ch Arangolds Inishfree) has taken four specialist cc's one under Marianne Holm Hansen, Mervyn Phillpott, Rose Easton and Barbara Mills. Bridie went BIS under Mervyn Phillpott. § Internationally her four children to travel have gained 2 Indian, 1 Philippino and one Indonesian championship titles, whilst also giving some much needed positive, 'English type', genetic variation in these countries to continue the love of our breed. § Nationally numerous champions, speciality, group and all breeds winners, but most importantly, wonderful pets that help support and fulfil their owners lives. Her brothers: § Bentley (Ch Arangolds Best O British) took Two specialist BIS and 2 BOB at the Nationals § Brig (Ch Arangolds Brigadoon) took specialist CC and also All Breeds Best In Show


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