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We at Arangold take great care and put a lot of time and research into each litter we breed. Arangold puppies are only ever placed in approved homes. If you are interested in purchasing an Arangold puppy you must be prepared to inherit concerned grandparents? Us. If you are not happy with this, we suggest you go elsewhere to purchase a puppy. As responsible breeders that have over 35 years experience breeding Goldens, we have personally owned, or know, many of the dogs in our puppy's pedigrees, in some cases back 8-9 generations. We do not take our breeding lightly and as such, each and every puppy is precious and deserves the best possible home. You will receive a very informative puppy booklet and on purchasing an Arangold puppy, and we do expect you to read it and follow it! You will also receive a written guarantee, and all our puppies are tattooed with their NZKC number to ensure that they are always identifiable. As we have caused each and every puppy we have bred to come into this world we believe it is our duty to do everything in our power to ensure they have a happy and healthy life. This started from the planning of the mating. We test for known hereditary problems in the breed and are happy to show you all documentation about these. As the breeder of these puppies we do believe we know the breed and bloodlines extremely well. We are always available, day or night for advice to the owners of any Arangold puppy, and this continues for the entirety of their lives. If you need to have your puppy or dog cared for while you are away, provided we will be at home, we are happy to have our grandchildren back to stay. As an owner of an Arangold puppy, you do inherit concerned grandparents that will only ever be, at worst, on the other end of the phone for any concern, problem, query or question you may have. Given all this information, many of our litters are pre-sold. If you are interested in an Arangold puppy, we suggest you contact us to discuss any up coming litters and your suitability for an Arangold puppy.

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 Margaret, David and Rebecca Hean

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